syncing feeling



Syncing Feeling is a unique investigation into the essence of humanity. Delving into Theory of Mind, Metacognition and Mirror Neurons, this bold new work illuminates the cognitive processes that facilitate a host of enigmatic aspects of the human mind, including empathy, imitation learning and the decoding of another person’s actions, feelings and emotions.
Kyle Page and Amber Haines rigorously investigate the ‘Duet’ through various mechanisms which highlight the intuitive connections that subtly reside between these two compelling performers. Together they explore and extend the possibilities for both micro and macro partnering.
Groundbreaking research within the field of neuroscience is challenging preconceptions around human interactions and only now beginning to prove what Eastern philosophy has known for a millennia...
The only thing that separates us, is our skin.


  • Diredction / Choreography / Performers / Set Design
  • Kyle Page & Amber Haines
  • Composer / Sound Designer
  • Alisdair Macindoe
  • Lighting Designer & Production Manager
  • Bosco Shaw
  • Photography
  • Gregory Lorenzutti