rainbow vomit


Enter a space of tangled imagination, where light and sound collide in a familiar yet distant world. Creatures from afar morph within the shadows to navigate an ever-changing landscape of bewilderment and wonder. Synaesthesia envelopes the mind as rhythm becomes vision, voice shapes movement and light warps sound. Welcome to the world of Rainbow Vomit, a place where anything is possible, everything can happen, and much more than colour erupts from the darkness...

Rainbow Vomit is an immersive work designed to target young audiences, whilst maintaining appeal for kids of all ages. Audience members are invited to watch the performance through their own pair of ‘fireworks glasses’. These magical glasses are made using holographic diffraction film, which refracts light into all colours of the spectrum, generating a myriad of rainbows.


  • Diredction / Choreography
  • Kyle Page & Amber Haines
  • Performers / Choreography
  • Harrison Hall, Mason Kelly, Jenni Large, Ashley McLellan & Georgia Rudd
  • Composer / Sound Designer
  • Alisdiar Macindoe
  • Set / Lighting
  • Govin Ruben
  • Costume
  • Andrew Treloar
  • Photography
  • Amber Haines