PRINCESS is a multi layered collection and collision of ideas based around its name. I am interested in placing myself as the Dynast; I view my practice as an inheritance, a continuation of information and vocabulary that strongly influences my personal decisions as a performer.
With this position I have the power to create my own personal kingdom, a house of observation, architecture, interest, ideas, and possibilities.
I am the ruler of the body in which I exist, giving me power to change the recent history of the present performance. Here I can jump back through the work to redevelop/redefine its potential impact on its future
Running parallel to this is my interest in the modern fantastical side of the Princess.  My questions in the role and scale of masculinity and femininity are a constant interest both in this work and my ongoing practice. Perceptions of strength, size, power and virtuosity stem from my identity as an individual.


  • Diredction / Choreography /Performer
  • Benjamin Hancock
  • Composer / Sound Designer
  • Alisdair Macindoe
  • Lighting Designer
  • Bosco Shaw
  • Costume
  • Jack Hancock
  • Photography
  • Sarah Walker
  • Background Image
  • Pippa Samaya